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Aftermarket accessories for super meteor 650

Aftermarket accessories for super meteor 650

Introduction to Aftermarket Accessories

When it comes to enhancing your motorbike’s performance, aesthetics, or comfort, aftermarket accessories are a game-changer. But what exactly are these accessories? Simply put, they’re parts and accessories created by third-party manufacturers, not the original manufacturer of the vehicle. They provide an affordable and often high-quality way to customize and upgrade your bike.

Importance of Aftermarket Accessories

Why bother with aftermarket accessories? Well, the answer is twofold. Firstly, they allow you to personalize your bike, making it truly yours. Secondly, they can dramatically improve your bike’s functionality.

Exploring Bykology’s Super Meteor 650 Accessories

Let’s delve into the realm of aftermarket accessories for the Super Meteor 650 by Bykology.

Super Meteor 650 Brake Cylinder Guard【5†source】

At ₹1,450.00, the Super Meteor 650 Brake Cylinder Guard is a crucial addition for any rider. The guard provides protection for the brake cylinder, enhancing the safety of your ride.

Super Meteor 650 Backrest Sissy Bar【6†source】

Comfort meets style with the Super Meteor 650 Backrest Sissy Bar. For ₹3,600.00, you can offer your passenger a secure and comfortable ride, all while adding a touch of classic aesthetics to your bike.

Super Meteor 650 Exhaust – Rhino Racing【7†source】

Priced at ₹15,500.00, the Super Meteor 650 Exhaust – Rhino Racing is a premium accessory that can dramatically improve your bike’s performance and sound. This is the choice for riders who want to take their riding experience to the next level.

Super Meteor 650 Mini Ape Handlebar【8†source】

The Super Meteor 650 Mini Ape Handlebar, ranging from ₹4,200.00 to ₹4,500.00, offers a perfect blend of comfort and control. It adds a unique style to your bike while improving your riding posture.

Super Meteor 650 Engine Guard【9†source】

An essential accessory for any rider, the Super Meteor 650 Engine Guard (₹6,500.00 – ₹6,900.00) offers substantial protection for your engine in case of an accident, all while adding a rugged look to your Super Meteor 650.

Super Meteor 650 Detachable Backrest With Luggage Rack【10†source】

Functionality meets style with the Super Meteor 650 Detachable Backrest With Luggage Rack. Priced at ₹5,800.00, this accessory provides a comfortable backrest for passengers and a handy luggage rack for those long rides.

Rear Brake Cylinder Oil Reservoir Guard【11†source】

The Rear Brake Cylinder Oil Reservoir Guard is a practical accessory that protects the oil reservoir from any potential damage. Available for ₹850.00, it’s a small investment for significant peace of mind.

Super Meteor 650 Flag Pole【12†source】

Show off your patriotic side or express your personal style with the Super Meteor 650 Flag Pole. Available for ₹1,600.00, it’s a fun and stylish addition to your bike.

Highway Footrest Rubbers【13†source】

For ₹1,200.00, the Highway Footrest Rubbers offer extra comfort during those long highway rides. They provide a secure grip and reduce vibration for a smoother ride.

Super Meteor 650 Highway PEGS【14†source】

Priced at ₹3,250.00, the Super Meteor 650 Highway PEGS provide a comfortable and secure footrest for those long rides. They also enhance the overall look of your bike.

Triple Shield Protection Kit 10% Off【15†source】

The Triple Shield Protection Kit, available for ₹7,920.00 – ₹8,280.00, offers a comprehensive set of guards for your bike, providing protection for various key components.

Rider Comfort Bundle – 10% Off【16†source】

For ₹9,000.00, the Rider Comfort Bundle includes several accessories designed to enhance your riding comfort, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious rider.

H2: How to Choose the Right Accessories

Considering Your Needs

Before diving into purchasing accessories, it’s important to consider your needs. Are you looking for performance upgrades, comfort enhancements, or style improvements? Identifying your needs will guide your purchase decisions.

Evaluating Quality and Price

Don’t let price alone dictate your decisions. It’s crucial to assess the quality of the accessories and the reputation of the manufacturer. After all, these accessories can affect your bike’s performance and safety.


Aftermarket accessories open a world of customization for your Super Meteor 650. From practical parts like engine guards to aesthetic enhancements like custom handlebars, these accessories allow you to make your bike truly yours. Bykology offers a range of high-quality accessories tailored for the Super Meteor 650, each serving a unique purpose. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend warrior, these accessories can significantly enhance your riding experience.


  1. Are aftermarket accessories worth it? Absolutely! They allow you to personalize your bike and enhance its functionality.
  2. Are Bykology’s accessories high quality? Yes, Bykology offers high-quality accessories specifically designed for the Super Meteor 650.
  3. Can I install these accessories myself? While some accessories can be installed at home, others may require professional help. It’s best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure.
  4. Will aftermarket accessories affect my bike’s warranty? It depends on the accessory and the manufacturer’s warranty terms. Always check with your manufacturer before installing aftermarket accessories.
  5. What’s the best accessory to start with? If you’re new to aftermarket accessories, consider starting with protective accessories like engine guards or brake cylinder guards. They offer tangible benefits and are generally easier to install.
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